Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mornings have been foggy...

Sun burns through during the day,
People look up and around.
More bounce to steps,
Activity has a different sound.
~ CR (c) 2013

In the studio today, painting resumes.  Following the holidays, regular work is refreshing...the smell of paint, the touch of a smooth finish being polished to show, remembering a conversation of support - for self or another. 

In this place, light has a magical quality, and quicksilver changes show up in finished work like an old friend. 

Here is a new one.   

"Fruit on the Beach"  (Oil on wood panel)
Sometimes a person's persistence of vision has a correspondence with
memories.  Visual references that connect the senses also make memories.
When choosing a backdrop for a still life, the sky with a bit of haziness on the horizon,
and a patch of sand work just fine.