Saturday, October 5, 2013

Longer Journeys Lead Home....

Thank you for your following...even though I, at times, take a time break.

Moving to the Island felt like I was 'coming home'...and so does moving back to the city.  In fact, I now believe that wherever I am somehow feels like home.  Has this been a paradigm shift, or merely a shift in perception?  Or, perhaps, it is the persistence of vision coming into play.

Life explores how that feels and painting expresses how I see it. 

Portal: Time Elements I
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30" gallery wrap

The Invitation
Life invites us into
Our realms of difference,
Our rooms of companionship,
Our halls of passing, and
Our touching of energies.

Calling their reminders
To us all.
Of comfort, of place,
Of meetings,
Of missings.

Wrapped around eternity
Silk scarf of calling,
Wind whipped, yet
Catching in the time
Of Human time.

Does this calm, 
This disturbing song,
This slight fog,
Weigh much?
Not much, but all.
~  Carol Roddenberry
     October 5, 2013 (c)