Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Miss Ann's Grapefruit

I have been working on a painting of some grapefruit given to me on Thanksgiving 2012.  The actual grapefruit is long gone, but at the time, I'd thanked my new friend, Ann, lined up the grapefruit on a window ledge and taken photos...then juxtaposed the photos with reflections into interesting visuals.  Someday you'll see that vision...perhaps painted on metal and/or glass, or possibly as a sculpture.

Today, I'm posting an initial painting, "Miss Ann's Grapefruit I" because it is the first painting made from these images. The setting is contemporary and the feeling is ancient.  What is more comforting than a window blowing a light breeze and sheer cloth hangings over any object?  Many times, at the Island, I'd just open the door and let the breeze blow.  Today I remember that feeling and that look...the sun almost blinds with its holy light and the faint scent of citrus begs to be dabbed behind the ear. Oh...wonderful life...and other savory things.

'Miss Ann's Grapefruit"
Oil on wood panel  10" x 36" x 4"
Note: Top image is detail of the full painting.