Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Island...New Work

The Island is actually very old, often a topic for authors and artists, yet a welcome discovery to all who come to stay awhile. Where you come from geographically is not a criteria; where you come from, within your own vision, hopes, dreams...crushed or expectant...breathes you over the causeway and settles you in. 

This visual and written journey, which I welcome you to join, explores the life wonder - past and present.  The paintings and poems that flow, some days magically...some days not - and the adventure of exploration and peace that knit the future will be the building blocks.  Most of all, as it is for me, this is an online spot to come and rest your eyes and minds - when the world seems to be battering, just one moment too much, at your door. 

This painting, "White Grapes Study I" (oil on wood panel -   is one of the paintings in a contemporary still life series that I began in 2012. This work reveals the openness of the air, land and water on and around the island, and all the elements that swirl around all of us no matter where we are...always moving, yet with a perfect stillness that centers.

My blog is called "Persistence of Vision" which is something that happens in the way our bodies work to enable sight - at many different levels. I will write more about this.